Date Published: July 26th, 2015

The World Problems and Our World Leaders!!
         World Leaders where are you all leading this generation and for 
         What purpose?

The complexity of the world problems and situations around the world today, result in issues from one situation to another, and that have subjected many nations and families particularly women and children into unwanted situations. Deaths, sufferings, and refugee numbers growing in alarming rates, immigrants dying on their way to unknown destinations for survival of their lives, leaving their countries and homes with all their belongings destroyed. Also international trade and global economics are badly affected and continue to be effected, while major world currencies including the U.S. dollar continue losing value. This unpleasant and unwanted situation and life experience for nations that are badly effected, have compelled many people around the world to ask these types of questions amongst millions of other questions, meant for the U.N. and world leaders:

Are Wars and International Economic Sanctions the best approach or strategy and the last option for the maintenance of international peace and security around the world? 
Are we to believe that the Wars and International Economic Sanctions imposed on some nations are the results for the rapid and continuous rising of tremendous refugee numbers and growth, the death and the suffering of many nations and most people around the world? 
And are Wars and International Economic Sanctions the reason for the raising number of unlawful immigrants around the world? If not, why not? The unlawful occupancy of a nation’s land by another nation, the continuous use of force in taking their land, and the denial to recognize their existence as a nation, with freedom and liberty are the main issues. Undoubtedly, in my views this has brought the total disorganization of the Middle East region, and has escalated in many regions in the Middle East that are expanding in many parts of the world today as we are seeing. We should believe those are great mistakes by our world leaders, failing to solve issues and problems promptly in a fair manner, with justice and fairness towards avoiding the current situations of today. Undoubtedly, justice delayed, is justice denial. In good faith and because of the love and respect for one another, that I believe is the best and true road map for the maintenance of international peace and security around the world that I am in for this campaign worldwide.
I urge the U.N. and all the world leaders to work collaboratively for justice and fairness, and in good faith move Israel immediately out of occupied land of the Palestinian people, and adapt resolutions in recognition of the Palestine people and their state as a nation as was achieved for Israel in 1948. I am hopeful of this as a problem solving solution, being that it is better to try doing something and failing, than never having made an effort. Based on freedom of expression in good faith and in conformity with the rule of law and human rights, I believe that it is our rights to point out any mistakes to our world leaders that we believe they have made and continue to make, and stop and correct them in good faith for peace and harmony in the region, and for the maintenance of international peace and security around the world. I believe we should remember that leadership, is everyone’s business and leadership does occur anywhere and at anytime.
Leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who choose to follow. It is the quality of this relationship that matters most when we are engaged in getting extraordinary things done. A leader and constituent’s relationship that is characterized by fear and distrust will never ever produce anything of lasting value. Honestly, I do not believe we want or should ever need this type of relationship between us and our world leaders. But a relationship characterized by mutual respect and confidence will overcome the greatest adversities and leave a legacy of significance, and this is what I believe we need for this generation. Leadership is more than just the kind of person the leader is or things the leader does.
Leadership is a learning process, and is the process of influencing others towards the achievement of group goals; it is not just a person or a position. Leadership is in the eyes of other people; it is they who proclaim you as a leader. Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen. How well the leaders listening to the followers in all works of life, is critical. Any discussion of leadership must help to foster the dynamics of this relationship. Strategies, tactics, skills and practices are empty unless we understand the fundamentals of human aspirations that connect leaders and their constituents. If there is no understanding needed for the relationship, then there is no need for leaders.
It is extremely important that leaders listen to the voices of those they lead, and in the arena of politics to listen to their peoples’ voices, and as well as their colleagues to be more successful in their endeavors as leaders of nations. The most credible leaders in the world are committed to justice and fairness, human rights to individuals and groups, freedom of the press & speech, acceptance of constructive criticism as opportunities to correct their mistakes and not to take an offensive response with retaliation, instead they should act in consonance with this belief of fairness to individuals and groups even when this can be uncomfortable or difficult. Leaders of all works of life including politicians should remember that leadership is about credibility, and credibility is the foundation of leadership. Credibility (How leaders gain and lose it, why people demand it), is for situations like this: “The World Problems and Our World Leaders.”
Other mistakes world leaders have made before and continue to make to this date include by giving arms and ammunition to other nations to fight against each other, by supporting discontent people of some nations who withdrew from society and by naming themselves rebels-rebelling against their governments. Very likely these arms and ammunitions have fallen into the wrong hands being rebels, which they are now using to destabilize many countries, killing innocent people, destroying properties, and creating suffering for many nations in some regions in the world. Those rebel fighters could likely be trained and armed by world leaders to fight for them. However, it looks like the rebels decided to take actions for their own needs such as power and to establish their regions and control if they can succeed. Based on my perspective of the situation and the strategies of the rebel fighters in many parts of the world, they seem to be more organized compared with our world leaders. In my view, it looks like the rebel fighters are communicating efficiently in coordinating attacks simultaneously.
In my view, the greatest and saddest mistake of our world leaders is the United Nations which is totally disorganized including other international organizations that are supposed to work collaboratively and in good faith with the U.N. The organization members beginning with mainly the Security Council and its five permanent members are for example: Russia and United States both are in serious conflict, because of conflicts of interests. For instance, Russia recently invaded Ukraine territory. The United States and United Kingdom intervened in supporting Ukraine with arms and ammunitions including troop and United Sates went on and campaigned with their European counterpart requesting for International Economic Sanctions imposed on Russia, which has badly destroyed the Russian economy, and continues to affect Russia’s local businesses, employment, international trade and trade partners oversea.
Russia hit back on United Kingdom and United States, in retaliating by “Vito,” casting a "negative" vote on a "substantive" draft resolution, “Russia Vetoed the U.N.’s genocide resolution on Srebrenica”. This is the trick and dirty game that world leaders play amongst themselves, subjecting many nations and there people to sufferings. The veto is exercised when any permanent member—the so-called "P5”—casts a "negative" vote on a "substantive" draft resolution. Abstention or absence from the vote by a permanent member does not prevent a draft resolution from being adopted. However in my view, it causes a stalemate amongst U.N. members destroying the organization. Even the non-permanent Security Council members and the 192 ordinary member majorities are not in harmony in working as a team.
For example; frequently asked question: how many U.N. member countries are involved in the fight against the terrorists out of P5+10+192 members that equal to 207 to date that are actually engaged in the fight? Answer: less than 10 members actively involved in the fight. This fact supports my opinion that the U.N. is disorganized and not working as a team as one would have expected them to work as a unified body, if they are to achieve their goal, which is to maintain peace and international security. The U.N. Charter has even been step sided; rules and regulations of the U.N. Charter are frequently violated with impunity, because of conflict of interest. No one is above the P5 Security Council members, to question any of them regarding violations of international laws they made and signed and agreed to globally.
This is a bad structure of the organization since the “United Nations”, coined by the United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt was first used in the Declaration by the United Nations January 1st, 1942, during the Second World War, when representations of 126 nations pledged their governments to continue fighting together against the axis powers and having five permanent government council nation members making them power conscious, abuse of power, and corruption. Now my question is: are we not still seeing the axis power, where is the fighter and togetherness against the axis power? All we are seeing is the conflict of interests and bad faith and above all there is no love for one another and respect for others particularly for the common man. In my opinion, the U.N. is a dysfunctional organization, politics of failure and has some destructive and toxic leaders based on their characters and behavior. However, there are few leaders that are good leaders that can be called charismatic leaders that act in good faith, and have less conflict of interest.
Conflicts of interests are the most destructive thing in all works of life, includes a: corporation, government and any organizations. In my view, world leaders are not united and working as a team on common grounds for peace, harmony, and to world safety. If they can ever forgo their conflicts of interest, they will do a great job in serving their people who voted them into power. The true road map for peace and harmony which is to love one another, respect for one other and compassion, to make the world a safe place to live, and not wars and International Economical Sanctions, and the sanction resolution needs to be amended on the UN Chapter because it is a destructive resolution to nations and the world in general from what we have seen.
A deal agreement was reached on Monday July 13th, 2015 by world leaders of the U.N. ‘P5+1’ that represents the whole world leaders under the United Nations umbrella. Can anyone’s government, be it congress or parliament around the world be able to change that deal agreement? If any, it is yet to be seen. Any delay to adopt the substantive draft resolution and continued criticism in my view, is nothing but bad faith, lack of “love”, and respect for one another, and the lack of compassion and empathy for those suffering as a result of war and international economic sanctions. I believe nations around the world, must first love their leaders and governments and that is why they voted for them and they came to be their leaders. Second, they voted for a purpose that included, love, peace, harmony, security, good economy, employment, freedom, liberty, and having good relationships with other nations and countries for freedom of movement and with safety. Despite that we respect our world leaders and should. However, I believe they sometime make mistakes on matters of decision making process especially on world issues, and other very sensitive issues. Sometimes they have lot of differences of opinions amongst themselves, which sometimes lead to mistakes in decision making.
For example that is exactly what President Barack Obama and the rest of the ‘P5 +1’ had done on Iranian people nuclear weapon deal agreement, rather than continue to isolate a nation, to an extent when they would say enough is enough, we will do what we want. Question: what would we expect to see if that happen? Would that not bring a war in the Middle East between Iran and some world leaders that would very likely escalate in the Middle East region to other countries, with more opportunity for terrorists to increase in numbers? Perhaps this is why Philip K. Howard named his book  “The Death of Common Sense,” I believe there are lots of sophisticated intellectuals in this world that lack common sense, because they can not compare and contrast issues and situations, and predict the outcome of an issue or situation. Instead of argue objectively, they argue subjectively.
These types of leaders are without a purpose. “Leaders” whose sense of purpose did not extend beyond themselves. A case can be made that despite their talents and strength, such are not really leaders at all. Their modern counterparts are those “leaders” whose main “purpose” is pure material gained and personal aggrandizement. Even from the bible, there are lots of good examples of leaders with purpose. Example Moses’ great goal was to lead the Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery to the edge of the promise land. Joshua’s goal was to lead them in. The other example: for modern corporate purpose and stay “on purpose” is often the difference between success and failure, between an inspired work of life and the mere pursuit of profit of mission and vision of the organization or business is a failure.
Now can those leaders criticizing the deal agreement for Iran’s nuclear weapon, can they tell us the U.N. mission and vision, though they frequently violated. Here is a good example based on the wave of political campaign in the United States forthcoming election in 2016. Mr. Donald Trump, despite his talents and strength and billions of dollars worth to claim to have, such a person is not a leader, or would ever be a leader and won’t have any purpose to become a leader for the U.S. He is one of those whose main “purpose” is pure material gain and personal aggrandizement. He is a “destructive leader” in the making. From his behavior to channel, he demonstrated who he is, and would be if it happens to be the next president of the U.S. insulting Senator McCain, an honorable and highly reputable senator and veteran.
Donald Trump’s behavior has sent a clear message not only to the American people, but around the world. He lacks the characteristics and behavior as a leader, and has no filling into America politics. I personally would like to ask senator McCain, just to ignore Donald Trump and forgive him, for he does not know what he is doing, not even knowing that his behavior and public attitude has destroyed himself. Pretty common among politician, with negative campaigns, against others, yet failing to realize that they are destroying themselves. What the people would like to hear from a politician doing campaign trail, is to tell us and show us what you have done for your country, and the good plan you are bringing for the peace.
Also we see that some people and world leaders claiming strong religious beliefs with strong faith. We will look at their deeds if any, because faith without deeds, there is no faith. (Faith is belief that God exist, and you trust God, His power is unlimited and in control of everything in heaven and on earth). We the American people say: “In God We Trust.”  Look at the dollar bill and you will see that on dollar. Recently, Israel’s Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu said in his address to the U.S. congress and quoted the word of God from the Holy Bible saying: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not dismay, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand,” Isaiah chapter 41:10. Saudi Arabia say: “Allah is God in whom they fear and trust.”
So if they all have faith in their God, and trust him as they claim, my question is why then are they afraid of the Iranian people instead of their God whom they claimed to love and trust? Why do some of them hate their neighbors? God has sufficient grace: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians). According to biblical history, this is what the bible says, and in the Noble Qur’an: A royal law of love: “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love” (1 John 4:7-8). This is what the scripture also says that God created man out of his own image, and he did because of love, but you leaders engaged in a conduct of destroying God’s image by killing their neighbors.
Israel for example: killing the Palestinian people, practically women and children for years of fighting for a land that was not found and created by Israelites or the Palestinians, but by the Almighty God: according to the scripture: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters.” (Psalm 24). Saudi Arabian troops in Yemen for months bombing and killing their neighbors, particularly women and children fighting for one man, the former president of the Yemen, but claim Allah is their God and made them as he did their neighbors. But life is a precious gift from God who said “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). What makes human life precious?
Consider it from God’s point of view. He made us in his own image for the purpose of creating in us in his own character. For that reason he is “not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance” according to the scripture (2 Peter 3:9; compare 1 Timothy 2:4) Can Israel and Saudi Arabian leaders justify their faith, trust, love, and obedience to their God? What faith do they have if any, apart from saying words for the eye of men? God does not look at the outside of man for his faith, but the inside of mind – your heart. I sympathize with the Saudi Arabian and Israeli people, who may not be a party to their leaders in the engagement of wars in the Middle East, creating unrest, panic, and fears for them all the time, and no peace with their neighbors.
Based on organizational and management recent study and leadership behavior, there are terrible leaders that are destructive and can destroy an organization. We will look at the dark sides of such leaders as to why they behave the way they behave the good and bad and side, their characteristics to help some organizations of all works of life how to be weary of them.
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To be continued on part 2.
By: James A. Koroma Sr., CMA. MBA. BSc. AIB. AMA
Chartered/Certified Marketing Analyst
Business & Management Consultant and Executive Coaching
Greater Seattle Area, Washington, USA.