Date Published: September 6th, 2013

Sierra Leone is blessed with many natural resources such as Diamond, Gold, Iron-ore, Chromate, and Bauxite…. Now Sierra Leone with oil and gas what next?

According to a press released by the newspaper “Awoko” in Freetown, Sierra Leone: "Sierra Leone will Produce Oil in 2017 says Chief of Staff.” Click on link to read:
The big question is: what does the future hold for Sierra Leone and its people? The answer to this question in my view, I believe is “Love and Prayer.”

Trust me, I tell you the truth that in my view, the people of Sierra Leone should be optimistic about their future and the country after long sufferings. One can prospect with probability for advancement, success, profit, and the outlook for the future with good business anticipation. But a change of negative attitude towards one another will help all Sierra Leoneans and the country to prosper particularly now that religious belief is becoming very strong in peoples’ mind, worshiping God around the country with various religious beliefs. Loving God and serving the one God, father of all, requires you also to love others, as hope and a future for those obeying God’s commandments. Trust me, I tell you the truth that, no matter what kinds of natural resources the people of Sierra Leone are blessed with, if they love God, but do not have love for one another, their dream of wealth and better future would be an imagination. Trust me, I tell you the truth, this is one of the major problems for the people of Sierra Leone over several decades. A problem that is also common to many countries around the world, and in my view, it is the underlying cause for the number of unrest we are witnessing today around the world. As a Christian, and follower of Jesus Christ, I strongly believe loving God goes hand in hand with having love for your fellow human beings. And by doing so, we are obeying God’s commandments. Otherwise, you do not truly love Him and are not obeying his commandments. Example, those who practice Christianity and believe what the Bible say, should know this and act accordingly as to what the scripture says: “Be love, let us love one another, and for love is God; and anyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” (1 John 4: 7-8). A royal law of love, and true Christians should belief in this law. We Christians strongly believe that, there is no place in Christian faith for ignoring your fellow man. Very likely other religious believers despite their religious belief and practice, serve the one God, father of all, have this same belief that they should have Love for others.
Here is a good example, how someone shows love for others.
During the mining, Energy/Oil and Gas infrastructure INDABA conference and exhibition held at the Miatta conference in Freetown, July 2nd, 2013. Dr. Conteh also known as Chief of Staff said: “Sierra Leone is rich in minerals with a large potential in oil and gas. He acknowledged the country as one of the fastest growing economics in the world, an excellent touristic potential and urged potential investors to explore while in the country. He said, In order to achieve the economic growth, government is being ensuring that the enabling environment is being put in place as assurance to potential investor.” In my view, that was a very strong message to investors, and that he is one of those patriotic leaders inspired by love for the country, and those investors should take caution for the country’s environment while exploring oil and gas on located areas and the environment. Dr. Conteh also shows patriotism, by inviting potential investors to explore the vast investment and opportunities that the country provided, and appealed to investors for opening employment opportunities for ordinary Sierra Leoneans as a way to address the rate of unemployment challenge a way of contribution towards the improvement of the condition of life and standard living of the people. In my view, Dr. Conteh demonstrated a clear sense of humanitarian, and empathy for fellow Sierra Leoneans suffering, and that showing love for others and concern for his country environment. In a sense, Dr. Conteh was truly acknowledging the truth that leaders are responsible to do for their people and the country, and not the people to do for leaders. Words are not exactly cheap, but actions are dearer, in that long speech and (oaths) were not necessary to impress people with one’s integrity. Thus the example of Dr. Conteh, who made it clear to investors that the interest of the people in the first place is a matter of must, and should be taken very seriously by all investors in the country in terms of open employment opportunities, as it is his expectation and the people of Sierra Leone. I personally, and any honest person would share the same views as mine, that Dr. Conteh deserved credit for his patriotic leadership in this situation, showing caring, and love for the people and the environment as first place, other matters are secondary as far as he and the government are concern in this situation. Despite, he is a follower to President Ernest Bai Koroma, in the context of leadership studies. If the leader shows good ethics, the follows will demonstrate the same ethics. But if a leader model dishonesty, you can’t expect honest followers. And in times of crisis, adversity, and temptations, a leader’s integrity becomes more evident. Hence integrity is exhibited in action, not pronouncement of intention. Undoubtedly, honesty and integrity pay off long-term, though they may involve losses and sacrifices short-run. Based on leadership studies, great leader know that the higher you go, the more visible your integrity or lack of becomes. The fact is that, leadership is not a personality, it’s about behavior, and in my view, Dr. Conteh’s action or behavior at the conference addressing investors, consistent with the relationship between leaders and those who choose to follow the leader as in this situation, Dr. Conteh’s behavior is consistent with president Dr. Ernest B. Koroma whose vision is very clear to the rebuilding of the country, giving hope and a future to the people of Sierra Leone. This is the kind of love that one should have and show for his country and people.
Leaders model the way. To effectively model the behavior they expect others who follow, leaders must first be clear about guiding principles. They must clarify values, values drive commitment. Personal values are the rout to loyalty and commitment, not organizations values.  A leader must be able to communicate the vision in ways that encourage people, consequently this was done by President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma, according to my research and review of his recorded address to the people of Sierra Leone when he first took office as president. He called for awareness, and Sierra Leoneans to come together, work together, put aside their differences behind them, and work together to rebuild the country for the common good of Sierra Leone as one nation. He welcomed investors, and urged fellow Sierra Leoneans living abroad that they are also welcomed to return home to help rebuild the country. From my perspective, President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma’s address was a clear guided principle, and as well as indications that he has love for his people and the country. One of his personalities, is slow to speak, but more actionable, and can act quickly and with sense, and he believes in teamwork knowingly, the most powerful, competent leader can’t do it alone and he need help from the team in order to get the job done better. Passion and attention go hand in hand. People don’t see the possibility when they don’t feel the passion. Again, I say this that leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who choose to follow. It is the quality of this relationship that matters most when we are engaged in getting extraordinary things done. This action and behavior was seen between Dr. Conteh representing President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma at the mining Energy/Oil and Gas infrastructure INDABA conference held in Freetown, Sierra Leone in July 2nd, 2013. Very likely, President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma would have addressed investors the same way if not more as Dr. Conteh, who showed the love and care for fellow Sierra Leoneans and the country as priority, representing the president at conference.

You may want to know a little about Dr. Conch’s remark which is true, “Sierra Leone is rich in minerals with a large potential in oil and gas.”
Sierra Leone is among those countries with these economies and market Growth. Africa continent has about up 20% of the world’s land mass and has 89% of the world’s platinum, 12% of its proven oil resources and 9% of natural gas. The resources are valuable and are beginning to contributing to economic growth in the region. Africa has about 1 Billion populations and this helping to boost growth because of the young workforce, and the consumer class growing. Africa contains about 7% of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies, Example: In 2011, the world’s growing economy was in Africa-Ghana at 22%. Between 2002-2011, developed markets have returned at 50%, while emerging markets have returned at 277%. So you can see why I say people of Sierra Leone should be optimistic about their future and the country after long sufferings. One can prospect with probability for advancement, success, profit, and the outlook for the future with good business anticipation. But prayers and love for others will make it better.
Here is another example of love: Ms. Isha Johansen, SLFA’s President:
Ms. Johansen said: “She looked back further, to a time in 2004 when her various roles - parent, partner, and entrepreneur - left her with very little free time. It was at this critical point that things close to her heart – sorrow for those suffering in her native Sierra Leone and a deep love of football – prompted the soft-spoken, hard-acting pioneer to sacrifice more of it and make a difference.” Read full text on news section of website, and continue reading - her story, showing love and empathy for others.
In my view, I believe that what I have stated above is true. And can be example to the people of Sierra Leone. However, the strongest guide for hope and a better future is LOVE and PRAYER. Regardless your religion, and religious belief and practice, if you believe that there is a true and ONE living GOD, father of all nations, LOVE God, serve him, seek Him with all your heart, trust Him, LOVE others, and OBEY Him. PRAY to your God. Give praise to Him any time, early in the morning, and give praise to Him late in the evening and he will bless you more abundantly. But first give thanks to GOD when you see miracle of answered to prayer. People of Sierra Leone, you have been blessed again with other nature resources - Oil and Gas, so give thanks to God first and he will bless the country with more resources.  Just like what Dr. Conteh said: “Sierra Leone is rich in minerals with a large potential in oil and gas.” That is true. But prayers and love for others will make it better.
Life is not easy, because there are many factors that contribute to a difficult life. In my views, and based on my Christian belief you are not necessarily free from temptations and problems. However, the differences lie in your approach to these things. If you love God, have faith and trust God, father of all, and pray to him, he will prevent you from sinking into the quicksand of a depressed and negative attitude. You will look for salvation to life’s problems, and if the answers escape you, you will be content, in childlike faith to cast your cares upon God, father of all. After all, God knows everything and will further planned for you if only you can keep the faith and trust him, and above all love Him, for if you love him you will have love, and have caring heart for others. God say obey me! Obedience is not an occasional event for us, but a way for better life. Commands, either from our heavenly Father or our earthly father, are directed by love. All such commands are in the best interest of those who are commanded. God has issued his commands to us in order to make us prosper. It pays, therefore, to be obedient, obedience bring its own reward. God has made it so. Since he has, we can know that he would never ask us to do anything that we aren’t capable of doing or that we can’t do. Obedience is love fulfilling every command. It is love expressing itself. Trust me, I tell you the truth, and here is the fact: God said: “You may as me for anything in my name, and I will do it. If you love me, you will obey what I command.” (John 14:14-15). It requires great faith and a strong character to able to work through adversity and disappointment. Many seemingly strong people eventually collapse under their burdens. The Lord never promised that our lives would be trouble-free because we choose to serve him. But He did promise to be there for us at all times, and help us overcome life’s huddles. Knowingly that you don’t have to tackle the afflictions of life on your own is a comforting and assuring thought. When problem mar your view and place pressure on you, turn to Christ. He is your heavenly companion. Overcome our problems is the peace of his presence. God can bring beauty out of the ashes of lost dreams. He can gleam joy out of sorrow, peace out of adversity.
People of Sierra Leone, your sufferings experienced including the most difficult and worst brutal civil war one can ever imagine in the history of civil wars in the world, God is seeing your grief, tears from your long cries and suffering, and God is answering your prayers as you have turn to him, worshiping him throughout the country in prayers. Trust me, I tell you the truth, prayers can move God with divine power to act quickly and answer to your prayers because he is a loving father. But remember to be kind to others, for kindness is showing love to others. We are all the same, one God and father of all with equal love without discriminating amongst us.
I was a born Muslim from Muslim parent, until I relocated to the United Sates of America at the beginning of the civil war in Sierra Leone, and I went through many trials in my life. Went to some mosques for daily prayer in America, but the problems I was having since I was in Sierra Leone, was that I really lack understanding of the Islam religion since I never studied “The Noble Qur’an,” and I wanted to worship the Lord with all my heart, and I belief I could only do so if I converted to Christianity, being able to study the Bible, and making a follow up after church services. I believe both Christian and Muslim religions are worshiping the same God, only that each of these religion believers has differences in their belief. I thanked my pastor and I am grateful to him, the church and the elders, as I see Jesus is that way, the truth and the life, no one goes to the father but through him, I am seeing wonderful things and improvement in my life. I talk to God the father of all through Jesus in prayers, and God is answering my prayers. It is amazing what I have seen in my life and continue to see God’s miracles and blessing upon me daily. God blessed my pastor Dr. John W. Penton Sr. and my church: Roosevelt Heights Church of God In Christ, in United States of America.
“Follow Jesus, he is the light of the world. Whosoever follows him will never walk in darkness, but will have light of life.
The Lord watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will distort (Psalm 145:20).”
Pray! Pray to your God at any time. Give praise to the lord. Pray for others, forgive others when they wrong you, and God would forgive you when you wrong others and asked to be forgiven. Pray for your leaders and government, ask God to guide them in doing their job to better serve you and your country. Pray for your religious leaders to do the will of God they serve. Pray for your boss at your work place. Have love for others regardless of their human nature or being, rich or poor, for God knows everything and further planned for you if only you can keep the faith and trust him. Pray for peace for the entire world for what we are seeing today. Pray for those countries, and non-profit organizations around the world providing humanitarian gifts and other kinds of help to Sierra Leone, while the country is still in the process of recovery. Have respect for others and their religious beliefs, and do not condemn nor criticizes other religion. Trust me, I tell you the truth. No matter what your experience is or, situation you face in life, don’t lose hope or faith on God, continue to pray it would be better in the days ahead. Love and prayer goes hand in hand. Ask God in your daily prayer, your desire in good faith, and it would be given to you. Read the Bible if you’re a Christian, you will find the truth, and would be guided in your life through the will of God. If you’re a Muslim read the “The Noble Qur’an.” Pretty much it is the same as The Bible, and follow what it say for the will of God and you will be guided and God will bless you all. Through the love in our hearts, we give and receive love. Then peace and joy fill our minds and hearts, and we assured that we have an omnipotent protector.
 Trust me, I tell you the truth!
“The fear of the Lord is the beginnings of wisdom, all who follow his precepts, have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise (Psalm 111:10).”
CLICK ON THE YouTube video below:

Watch and listen to this gift of praising the lord, sing along with this video.  Say to God: “You are my God. You forgive me.”
Give praise to the lord anytime, early in morning, and give him praise late in the evening! You will see miracles from him.
Fellow Sierra Leoneans, Brother James loves you all, and wish you all God’s blessing. Keep praying, and keep the faith, trust God, love him, love your fellow man and obey God’s Royal Law of Love. May God bless you all and our country in the name of Jesus.