Date Published: May 30th, 2016

American brothers and sisters at home and abroad need caution in choosing the next president. The World Problems and Our World Leaders.

Section I
Time to change leadership style and behavior

It’s time we inspire the young generation worldwide to engage in the process of leadership learning actively. Over time, they will become future leaders of their countries, and get rid of corrupt leaders around the world to minimize the world problems including wars and international economic sanctions, two of the most destructive things to this generation and mankind, and the saddest mistakes created by our world leaders. There is no winner in war, and international economic sanctions have negative impacts to the countries imposed upon and those who set the sanctions negatively including upon trades with other nations, hence the negative impact on international trade and the global economic problems.
Section II
Leadership Ethical Dilemma a global problem

The problem of Ethical Leadership for nations worldwide particularly in the arena of polities continues with war of words and destructive attacks, unethical comments, and insults in the race for the 2016 presidential elections for the United States of America. The worst presidential campaign race in U.S. history ever seen to the best of my recollection. Even if there is a more worse than what we are seeing in this presidential race, I believe most Americans and nations in the world would not like to be reminded of it by repetition. What messages are the presidential candidates, both Republicans and Democrats sending not only to the American people, but also to the entire world? Most of the candidates for the 2016 presidential race from my perspective, both party presidential candidates have almost the same behavior including those that have been earlier eliminated themselves by the same behavior, attacking each other with destructive comments and lying against each other, and their unwanted behaviors to the American people, resulted to their non-qualifications as president for the United States of America.  The most disgusting behavior such as unethical and destructive comments comes from Mr. Donald Trump as top of the list. I will bring analysis of their conducts and behaviors in their own words in the next article and publication coming soon, and continuous analysis of their language and messages to the American people for an accurate and conclusive decision making, and voter sincerely for a candidate that would be manageable for the first term of four years to lead America as the next president. Make no mistake about it, whosoever is chosen for the first term, won’t win the second term in office as president among these (2: 1) ratio of two Democrats and one Republican remaining on the race for the white house. If the American people really know and understand the situation this great nation is today, they will take this election seriously in voting for the right leadership. Leaders should remember that even the most powerful and competent leader can’t do it alone and that you need the help of others to work as a team to achieve the nation’s needs.
I honestly believe if any of these presidential candidates have good plans to rebuild the good image of the great nation that is now at the edge of a quick sinking sand to collapse as a broken nation because of the fight between our politicians and leadership, their conducts and behavior and as well as their messages to the American people would have been different from what we are seeing from them. The fight among them is not only on a political party basis, i.e., (Democrats v/s Republicans), but a fight within their own political parties. Example, the incumbent Mr. Donald Trump, seems to have no respect or regard, and as well as mercy for any of the Republican counterpart, as he continues with insulting language and destructive comments on some of his colleagues, a sad mistake by attacking and insulting your own party members that you would likely have to work with if you happen to become the president. In fact, it is very doubtful for him to become the next president because of his behavior, lacking the characteristics and qualities to be a president and leader of America. His message as well as the other candidates are clear, only that Donald Trump would be the worst compared to the remaining candidates both Republican and Democratic. In good faith, my first advice to them, and to other people in all works of life worldwide, is to know if they are unfamiliar that: leadership is not about personality; it is about behavior. It pays great dividends by managing your emotions. The fact is our view of ourselves, self –esteem, our confidence, sense of purpose and awareness of the way we tend to react to things provides the basis for self-management that is your ability to stay cool and flexible, and behave in a positive and effective way, that is appropriate to the situation you are in. Self-awareness in one part in balancing between yourself and others which undoubtedly is the heart of emotional intelligence and think properly, making sure you understand others before you speak if you have to, and with common sense. It provides an important insight into your needs and motivations when you are dealing with others. The reality is for you to simply know that how you feel do not lead to achieving your goals or desires, and the truth is that it can cause you more problems than you might think.
Most times, people try to destroy others with negative attitude, but fail to realize that by their own words towards others, they destroy themselves.  The behavior of all of these presidential candidates for the United States of America presidential elections – November 2016, is an example of such mistakes. When one attacked another with a negative attitude, including telling lies, using very offensive language that is destructive they too retaliated instead of ignoring the insults and attacks.
This type of behavior and wrong messages by the incumbent candidates for United States of America presidential elections are common among many leaders in countries around the world. These types of leaders have no “purpose.” Leaders without a purpose: “leaders” whose sense of purpose does not extend beyond themselves. A case can be made that despite their talents and strengths, such people are not really leaders at all. Their modern counterparts are those “leaders whose main “purpose” is pure material gain and personal aggrandizement. Purpose means commitment to the right priorities. They all possess unsurmountable amounts of wealth. All over the world, from creation of the world to the Tower of Babel, from the First World War to the Second World War to present wars around world, it is nothing but about power and money, for their philosophy is that power and money rules the world.
This serious mistake has led the failures of leaders and governments from all works of lives, to lead from one generational failure after another, and no one would correct this situation but only God who is in control because he created mankind, and established the world, and everything on earth and in heaven belongs to him. However, we can minimize the problems if we have love for one another.
Coming up soon, full analysis of the American Vote 2016, and analysis on the world problems, mistakes by our world leaders-politicians, the failure of the United Nations Organizations and why. If they are honest mistakes, we will help to correct some of those mistakes and listen to advice in good faith. Also analysis on the waves of corporate scandals, investor risks and losses in business, how to avoid those risks and mistakes and make corrections, the failures of business leaders, and how to avoid the failures, all free global advice in good faith.
The links at the bottom of this article are reports on two destructive and corrupt leaders in the world. More analysis on them on the next coming article. Despite their human rights abuse, and their alleged indictments by the ICC, for crimes against humanity, they continue their acts and destructive behaviors with impunity. The question is where is the UN and the ICC?
By: James A. Koroma, CMA. MBA. BSc. AIB. AMA
Chartered & Certified Marketing Analyst
Organizational Management & Leadership Advisor
Professional Member Global Advisory Honorary Committee, IBS
Washington, USA.